Technical translation

Technical Translation – translation that is used for the exchange of special scientific and technical information between people communicating in different languages.
Technical documentation has the following characteristics:
  • logic and accuracy of exposition,
  • failure of stylistic techniques of presentation and unwarranted translation are not allowed,
  • saturation with the specialized vocabulary,
  • terms and abbreviations that can be translated with multiple meanings.
Technical translation is the most difficult and time-consuming type of translation and it's not just because it is connected with special terms.
One of the main criteria of this type of translation is the absolute accuracy.
  • translation of technical pamphlets, manuals;
  • translation of operating manuals;
  • translation of Certificate of Authenticity;
  • translation of technical documentation;
  • translation of drawings, engineering plans;
  • translation of scientific and technical articles;
  • translation of purchase proposal for technical subjects. 
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Technical translation