Basic principles of personnel management

Target audience

Mid-level managers, Project managers, managers of departments, divisions, structures and personnel reserve employees.

Goal of the seminar

The seminar is dedicated to receiving basic practical skills in people management regardless of difficulty of the set tasks, sphere of activity and specifics of business.

Tasks of the seminar

  • Give clear understanding of people management;
  • Consider different temperaments of people for individual approach while managing people;
  • Discuss the essence of labour collective;
  • Consider the principles of effective personnel motivation;
  • Consider different managing styles;
  • Discuss key tasks of an executive;
  • Learn to define efficiency of management.


  • Introduction into people management (What is “people management“, Goal of people management, Way of management, Efficiency of management, Balance in management);
  • Person’s psychic and behaviour (Person’s temperament, Individual peculiarities of a person at work);
  • Labour collective (Formal and informal structures, Collective development, Natural-born leaders, “Difficult” subordinates, Management functions – planning, organization, motivation and control);
  • Personnel motivation (Motivation according to Herzberg and Maslow, Motivation cycle);
  • Management and manager (Functions, Requirements, Forms of authority, Management styles, Delegation);
  • Advice to executives.

Methods of learning

Practical seminar gives essential practical basics of management while combining such methods as discussion in groups, mini-lectures, role play and practical tasks.


1 day (8 hours)


8,500 UAH