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If your foreign partners come to Kiev for the first time or do not have a lot of free time, it will be better to book a bus tour. Translation and training TАT Сenter will take care of the bus tour around Kyiv to include the most important and exciting places in the city. Sightseeing tours in Kyiv is an opportunity to learn maximum of interesting information in a few hours, to get acquainted with the most valuable historical and architectural monuments of world importance.
TАT Сenter provides bus excursions in a variety of routes: from the most popular attractions of the capital to the little-known but equally interesting places for strangers and even citizens of Kyiv. During our tours, people learn something new and absorb the unique atmosphere of the beautiful city.
TАT Сenter offers guides who dearly love Kyiv, know its secrets from ancient times until nowadays, and know how to present it in a bright, colorful and funny way. History, architecture, art, religion, culture, legends and incredible history, social life and entertainment - all these are shown to our guests by the tour-guides.
We work with people who are passionately in love with their occupation, always ready to answer any question, to tell a lot of interesting stories, to show the most beautiful places of the city and help to find a way out of any emergency situation. Our customers can be completely confident that the guide-interpreter will do everything to make travel enjoyable and entertaining and informative.
Our company provides guide services for Russian and foreign tourists (tours in English, German, French, etc.). On special request, we can provide the services of guides and interpreters from rare languages.
We believe that the unique style of tours and high professionalism of our guides will help you to discover or see in a new light the beautiful, mysterious, fascinating city of Kyiv.