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Online translation of webinars and web-conferences

what is online translation?

You have probably heard about such online-services as webinars and web-conferences. They gain more and more popularity these days. It is no surprise as due to webinars it is possible to hold seminars, meetings, trainings or presentations and to keep contact with remote branches and even with foreign colleagues and clients.
Since many companies grow to appear on the international level they have to be in touch with their foreign partners, they need to hire interpreters for effective communications. In this case such a service as online translations comes to their rescue.
So what is this kind of translation? Online translation is the oral translation during some event (meeting, negotiations, and presentations) via the Internet, for example, with such services as webinar. Online translation can be either simultaneous or consecutive; it can also be a multilanguage one depending on the wish of a client.

advantages of webinars

Convenience of online translation of webinars or other online events consists in saving time and money. You don’t need to waste your time and interpreter’s time on travel, pay for business trip and lease of special equipment for the given event. You need only computer and access to the Internet.
Such online events are very convenient for remote participants who can take part in the event while residing in any part of the world and listen to/talk in their native language. Participants of webinars can also ask the speaker questions in Chat and communicate with other participants.

webinar: comfort and time saving

Webinars and online conferences will help you to save essentially on organization of event and will make it more accessible and convenient for remote audience.
You can see our interpreters at work on webinars on our client’s site in section Webinars (archive)