Simultaneous interpretation - is one of the most difficult types of translation, performed with the use of special equipment for simultaneous interpretation. During the process interpreters do not have time to think about the meaning of words and phrases, moreover, they cannot ask the speaker to repeat something. Therefore, the interpreter should first familiarize themselves with the reports.


A simultaneous interpretation is mainly used at the events, such as seminars, conferences, congresses, etc., with a large number of participants to provide full and quick understanding of information by all the participants. For the interpretation it is necessarily to have special equipment - a system of transfer/acceptance of speech, a special booth for simultaneous interpreter. Events with the representatives from different countries speaking different languages presuppose simultaneous work of several specialists in the field of foreign languages.
Another difference of the simultaneous interpreter’s work “in the field” concerns time limitations: it should not exceed 20 minutes of continuous action. As the mental load and intensity during the process are at high level the interpreters work in pairs.


Translation Agency TAT offers services in simultaneous translation on seminars, conferences, assemblies, official and business meetings. We also provide synchronizing for films and video clips.


We need the information about your event necessary for good interpreting job and that includes information about your company, its sphere of activity, main terminology and text material – all that would help our interpreters to gain insight into the topic.
You have to inform us about the date and time of the event held (not just “November 17, Kyiv” but also exact address and time), number of interpreters and equipment needed and your demands to dress code.
As a rule, the price for this kind of work is higher than for consecutive translation since there are more interpreters involved and equipment is leased.
Ordering such a service from Translation Agency ТАТ Сenter you are guaranteed with expected result and you will make an impression of well-organized and fully prepared partner.