Discovery of documents

Discovery of documents is a bureaucratic procedure of obtaining reissued original of the document in the place of its initial issue.
To discover re-issued document from any official institution in Kyiv you had better address TAT CENTER. Re-issued documents are needed in the following cases:
  • if the original is lost;
  • if the document is damaged, including if it is laminated;
  • if a newer date of issue is needed or the blank form of the original is out of use;
  • if there is a need for duplicate document to stamp apostille on it.
If you require to discover such documents as birth or death certificates, certificates of marriage or dissolution of marriage, changes of name or certificate of no criminal record, educational documents and other papers – specialists of TAT CENTER will do this for you in the shortest terms possible.
Institutions to apply for re-issued documents to:
  • Bodies of State Civil Registration
  • Institutions of court system of Ukraine
  • Archives
  • Ministries of Ukraine
  • Secondary education schools, vocational schools, higher education establishments.
For discovery of documents TAT CENTER you have to provide the following documents:
  • Copy of the document for discovery (if there is one), its name, date and place of issue and its number.
  • Passport copy of a person who the document was issued to.
  • Power of attorney certified by a notary issued to employee of TAT CENTER (it is possible to make power of attorney with the notary TAT CENTER cooperates with).
TAT CENTER will help you to discover documents for you whatever you might need them for!
Истребование документов