Literary translation is considered to be the most difficult one. The translator’s task is not just to translate the text properly; while translating he or she almost conveys a new meaning. Therefore, the expert must not only be a good translator, but also to some extent a writer. The text is practically re-written, not just translated.
Literary translation is not limited to by the translation of prose and poetry. It can also be non-fiction books and articles, works of epistolary (letters, memoirs of the arts, politics, culture, etc.), journalism (literary criticism, criticism, etc.).
Writer-translator must not only be proficient in language, but also know equivalents of phraseology, comparisons, idioms, and means of artistic expression, to be able to feel the pun.
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NB! Cost of translation is counted according to the target text. 1 page = 1800 spaces characters. 
Literary translation