Accredited translation

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While applying documents to some embassies you might come across issues of the so-called “accredited translation”. This is one of the way of legalization of documents if translation was done by the specialist accredited by the embassy of the country you apply to.
Accreditation procedure of translators certifies their qualification and the fact that such translations will correspond to all language and legal norms.
In the capital of Ukraine, you will need accredited translation of documents when applying to the Embassies of Italy, Spain, France and Czech Republic.
There are two ways of processing accredited translation:
  1. The original is stamped with apostille.
  2. Translator accredited by the foreign state Embassy does the translation.
  3. Translated document is certified by the Embassy’s stamp.
Thus, legalized Ukrainian documents are recognized in all the institutions of the country, which Embassy accredited a translator.
The other way of obtaining accredited translation (“double apostille”) is as follows:
  1. Just as in the first case, the original document is stamped with apostille.
  2. Accredited linguist does the translation and certifies it with his/her own signature.
  3. Translated document is also stamped with apostille. In this case there is no need to certify the document with consular stamp.
In diplomatic representative offices of some countries (Italy, Spain, France and Czech Republic) there might be required documents translated by a court (sworn) translator. There is no need to certify such translations as they are recognized in all the institutions of the country, which Embassy accredited a sworn translator.
While preparing the documents for application to foreign embassies you have to find out in advance what kind of legalization will be needed. Specialists from translation agency TAT CENTER will provide you with services of translation and certification of any kinds of documents and will do their job quickly and at high standard.
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