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15 July, 2017
There are several higher educational institutions in Ukraine that give the level of education, which is appreciated all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreign students come to get the educational level or for continuation of their studies in Ukraine. In addition, due to globalization, a lot of foreign specialists come to Ukraine.
In both of these cases, foreigners need to undergo a confirmation procedure, an official recognition of their diplomas on the education received. This procedure is called "nostrification".
What is the meaning of the procedure of nosrtification? The scheme is very simple: the competent authorities find out how much the curricula in the foreign educational institution correspond to the Ukrainian ones, both in content and for terms of study. Certificate that gives the right to continue studying at a Ukrainian university or to find a job in the specialty is issued in case if the curricula are equivalent,.
It should be issued an opinion on the conditional recognition of educational certificates or a refusal of it in a situation where the differences in curricula are significant,
Prior to successful nostrification, the holder of a diploma that is issued in another state is not considered by the legislation of Ukraine as having the corresponding education.
Diplomas for nostrification should be properly confirmed. The type of legalization depends on the country in which the certificate is issued. It can be consular legalization or apostille. Ukraine has interstate agreements with some countries, which provides the recognition of certificate without the need for nostrification.
In addition, it is necessary to prepare copies of certificates and their translation into the state language and to assure both documents at the notary.

In what situations there is no need nostrification? Do not require recognition following certificates:

  • Non-state certificates issued in countries, under the agreement with which Ukraine recognizes only certificates of state standard.
  • Certificates received in the republics of the former USSR in the period up to 1991
  • Certificates issued by educational institutions or their branches that are not accredited in the country of their issuance.
  • Certificates confirming the receipt of education in those specialties that are not subject to nostrification under the laws of Ukraine
  • Certificate whose nostrification is not provided under international agreements signed by Ukraine.

In order to get the nostrification it is needed to prepare following documents:

  • Personal application;
  • Legalized originals of certificates on the education received;
  • Notarized copies of certificates and their translations;
  • ITN;
  • Certificate (and it’s notarized copy) from a foreign educational institution about the fact of getting an education;
  • Copy of the invitation to study at a university or employment in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Copies of identity documents and migration documents that indicate a legal stay in Ukraine;
  • Copy of the certificate of accreditation level of the educational institution;

Nostrification procedure

After the full package of documents has been prepared, it is submitted for consideration to the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports. Next, the primary verification of the correct preparation of submitted documents takes place, which lasts up to two weeks.
The expert commission begins to assess the equivalence of the curricula by many parameters if the requirements for execution of documents are fulfilled. The review can last up to 80 days, although there are also options for an expedited procedure. A verdict of recognition, conditional recognition or refusal of recognition of certificates is based on the results of the expert evaluation.